Agateware is made from a prepared mixture of coloured and white porcelain. Depending on the amount of coloured clay and the preparation of the clay before throwing on the wheel the effect varies and can be unpredictable. The items are polished to a smooth finish, and fired to a high temperature. Although usually unglazed, the high firing makes the items impervious and food safe.


Porcelain is a pure white, smooth clay; it is highly appreciated for its qualities in finished goods. It is also the most temperamental clay to throw – it does not like being overworked, and could slump or crack any time during the firing process.


Stoneware is a common type of ceramic for both practical tableware and sculpture.  It comes in several colours and smoothnesses, from black and gritty to light buff and smooth.  It is high fired, strong and versatile, and can be glazed in numerous colours.  The items depicted here were made while I was member of "Turning Earth" 2016 - 2017.


I enjoyed life sculpture classes at Morley College during 2016 - 2017.  Having now completed my diploma at Clay College, I look forward to living full-time in London and will quite possibly do more life sculpture.