Based in East London, UK, I have been a ceramicist on and off since 1983, and I completed a unique two year programme as one of the first students of Clay College, in Stoke-on-Trent in 2019. Whilst previously a dedicated thrower, I have extended my skills to hand building, developing a specialist line in lighting pieces.

I make table and pendant lights in translucent bone china and porcelain, and tea-light candleholders also form part of my range. I grew up in Sweden, where lighting is important in helping to diffuse the dark winter nights and makes an important contribution to stylish home and business interiors. My lights draw on the sparseness and elegance of form characteristic of the Scandinavian style.

Built with porcelain or bone china paper clay, my objects are thin and translucent and retain the supple structures of their functional materials. Each piece develops its unique persona as it is constructed. They are then fired in in an oxidising atmosphere. Some of the table top lamps are set on a contrasting black ceramic base.

My studio is in the Thames-side studios complex in Greenwich.