To my delight I have been accepted to the two-year programme at Clay College – please see www.claycollegestoke.co.uk.  My objective is to build a solid understanding and skill in areas such as making, firing and finishing ware. I expect the curriculum, teachers and fellow students will provide an inspirational environment to help me further develop my artistic side. We are starting on 11 September 2017.
I intend to write a monthly blog during my time at the Clay College. 


I started learning pottery at a community college in 1983 in Vancouver, Canada and quickly fell in love with the craft. During my time in Canada, and then in the USA I continued to make thrown stoneware pottery preferably reduction fired. Work as a management consultant intervened, and after returning to Europe I had a ten year gap (France, Switzerland and then London), but I took up pottery again in 2003 attending Saturday classes at Putney Art School with tutor John Dawson who encouraged exploration of porcelain.

I recently decided to give up management consulting and focus on pottery and sculpture joining Turning Earth Ceramics studio in Hoxton, London. I endeavour to produce beautiful, practical vessels in porcelain or stoneware. A recent focus is porcelain agateware, and I have started making porcelain jewellery. I am also enjoying life sculpture classes at Morley College.

I am Swedish, and I love Scandinavian design – simple, light and practical.

I participate in ceramics fairs and exhibitions in the London area; I am happy to accept commissions (within the limitations of my course at the Clay College).